Kiera Ryan

Kiera Ryan, Zookeeper

What is your favourite species to work with at the zoo and why?

I love working with all the animals at Battersea but I have a soft spot for the Amazon Parrots. I’d never worked with parrots before coming to Battersea, and these guys have gained a special place in my heart! I love working with such an intelligent species who manage to be cheeky and (deafeningly) loud and love posing with their treats.

Do you have a favourite conservation project or organisation to support?

Saving wildcats is a conservation organisation whose vision is to restore wildcats in Scotland. Working with Battersea's two Scottish wildcats - Skye and Livi - just highlighted to me how incredible this species is, and how it would be a tragedy to lose the last large wild predator found in the UK.
If you could bring one species back from extinction, what would it be? 
I’d bring back the Thylacines, because who doesn’t want to see a carnivorous marsupial the size of a wolf?
What animal at the zoo would you say has a personality most similar to yours and why?
I’d say Tiffin the Bolivian squirrel monkey - you’d think he hates you with how noisy he is when you’re with him, but in reality, he is actually just very needy and wants attention and all the best food. 
What is your favourite thing about working at BPCZ? 
My favourite thing about working at Battersea is the range of animals we get to work with - at a lot of zoos you’d have to specialise with one group of animals but we get to experience primates, birds, small mammals, reptiles and farm animals all in the same job! I’ll say my second favourite thing is the people I get to work with (because they’ll read this). 
What is the funniest photo of an animal at the zoo that you’ve taken?