Mikaela Digby, Zookeeper

What is your favourite animal to work with at the zoo and why?

That's a tough question as every animal at the zoo is so unique! I have spent years studying primates so having the opportunity to work closely with multiple species is really special to me. One of my favourite animals at the zoo has to be Peludo our 6 banded armadillo! Every morning I enjoy waking him up for his breakfast and he comes running like a little dog! I love finding different types of enrichment for him to explore!


What conservation project do you currently support and why?

At present, I am actively supporting Wildlife Aid a wildlife rehabilitation organisation that helps injured, orphaned and sick British wildlife. Their work truly helps to conserve many indigenous species. Globally I do support multiple primate conservation organisations such as ‘Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’ and ‘Orangutan Foundation’ who are actively trying to get primate species numbers up and help in their long term conservation by rehabilitating and releasing as many individuals as they can. 


If you could bring one species back from extinction, what would it be and why?

If I could bring any species back I think it would have to be the woolly mammoth! I have always loved elephants and as a child, I was really fascinated when there was a discovery of preserved mammoths found in an icy mountain somewhere. Who else wouldn’t want to bring back a big furry relative of an elephant?!


Which animal at the zoo would you say has a personality most similar to yours and why?

I would like to think I am similar to Mo the meerkat! He is always very curious and loves to be involved in everything! We both enjoy running and being active. One thing we both have in common is we hate cleaning! Mo really dislikes a dustpan and brush! 


What is your favourite thing about working at BPCZ? 

I feel so privileged to be able to work with so many amazing animals and people. One thing that is so special about Battersea Zoo is that as a keeper you really get to know every animal in the park. I have found this unique compared to larger organisations. I get the opportunity to work with so many species and really enjoy getting to know all their personalities! 


Can you show us the funniest photo on your phone of one of the animals you work with at the zoo?