Chacoan Mara

Latin Name Dolichotis salinicola
Class Mammal
Order Rodentia
Family Caviidae
IUCN Status Least Concern
Habitat Dry thorny forests and grasslands
Distribution Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia

General Information

The Chacoan mara is from the family Caviidae, which includes cavies, such as their larger relative the capybara, and guinea pigs. Chacoan maras are closely related to the other member of the genus Dolichotis, the Patagonian mara. Feeding on grasses and herbs, these large rodents can be found living in small groups of up to four individuals. Chacoan maras are endemic to the Chaco, a large area in Paraguay consisting of arid forests, thorny scrublands, wetlands, and seasonal rivers and streams. They are primarily found in low, flat, thorn scrub habitat, but also may be found in dry forests.

Fun Fact

Mara can run at high speeds from just a few hours after birth, meaning they can try to evade their common predators which include jaguars, pumas and pampas foxes.