Latin name Equus asinus
Class Mammals
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae
IUCN Status Domesticated
Habitat Domestic
Distribution Widespread

General Information

Descended from the African Wild Ass, donkeys have been domesticated for over 5,000 years. Traditionally they are used as a working or pack animal in developing countries. They are from arid and semi-arid areas so can survive on sparse vegetation. Donkeys have a loud call or bray, which can be heard over 3kms away.

Lifespan: Over 30 years

Fun Fact

Donkeys are often referred to in folklore and myth around the world. Christians believe the cross-shaped marking on donkeys' backs and shoulders is a symbol of when the animal carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Keeper Notes

Smokey and Dusty our 2 geldings are best friends and dislike being separate from each other. Their favourite game is tug of war with a deflated football. Both were born in 2005.