Fancy Rat

Latin name Rattus norvegicus
Class Mammal
Order Rodentia
Family Muridae
IUCN status Not listed
Habitat Domestic

General information

Fancy rat species, or brown rats, were first bred to be domesticated in The United States.

Their tame nature makes them suitable as pets. They come in a variety of colours ranging from white to blue.

Rats are a type of ‘rodent’ (mammals characterized by the presence of a pair of incisors which grow continuously in both the upper and lower jaws) most commonly found to have pointed snouts with large whiskers, long scaled tails and slender bodies. Rodents can be found on every continent in world except Antarctica! They breed regularly, they  have a gestation period of approximately 23 days and produce particularly large litters of offspring, from between 6-16 pups, that are born completely helpless. They are omnivores and so will eat both plant and animal materials.

Diet: Pellets, fruit, vegetables.

Lifespan: 2/3 years.