Fea's Flying Tree Frog

Latin Name Rhacophorus feae
Class Amphibia
Family Rhacophoridae
Habitat Tropical Forests
IUCN Status Least concern/Locally Endangered
Distribution Vietnam

General Information 

As one of the largest species of tree frogs in the world, Fea's flying frogs are brightly coloured and perfectly adapted to life high up in the rainforest where they eat a diet of insects. Listed nationally as near threatened and endangered in Thailand and Vietnam this species is struggling at the hands of human pressures on their habitat. Strangely, this species can be found living alongside humans in some of their natural habitat where humans have urbanised the landscape - they are sometimes found hiding in peoples bathrooms!

We are proud to display this rare and understudied species and with only 5 other collection in the UK housing them, we look forward to educating our visitors on their biology and threats in the wild.